Riding High: Custom Truck Parts That Jack Your Truck Up Into The Air

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Truck modification is a big thing. So big in fact that there are annual contests around the country to see who can jack up and trick out his/her truck to be the biggest, highest, most driveable truck there is. If this is a hobby you want to get into, and maybe enter a few contests yourself, you are going to need some custom truck parts to jack up your truck. Here are a few parts you will need from the maker of custom trucks parts.

Tie-Rod Extensions and Custom Tie Rods

In order to support the custom work you plan to do to your truck and to support your truck way up high in the air, you will need custom tie rods. These rods are longer, thicker and made from stronger metals. Tie-rod extensions are welded onto these custom tie rods to make them even longer. The tie rods connect the wheels to the drive shaft, which will be very important to driving the truck once it is jacked up.

Monster Wheels and Hubs

Monster wheels as high as eight feet in diameter can be added to your truck, but not before you add custom hubs. The hubs are forged in steel and electroplated in silver chrome; they're made to fit the wheels you select. They also have to fit on the ends of the axles and custom tie rods you have already made and purchased. Since your wheels and hubs will be larger and taller than your own height, you will need help with getting them on your truck. A hydraulic lift in a mechanic's shop should help, or you can seek help from a heavy duty/construction truck repair shop.

Bigger Axles and Custom Drive Train

As you work to elevate your truck, you will also need bigger axles to hold the wheels on and a custom drive train to control the whole wheel and drive system. In fact, you may want to start here so that everything else you add to your truck fits together perfectly. If you can manage it, you should complete this whole wheel/hub/axle/drive train/tie rod project all at once, since none of these custom parts will be effective without the others.

Custom Foot Ladder to Get into Your Truck

Once the cab and body of your truck are ten feet or more in the air, you will need a custom foot ladder to get into your truck. There is no other way you will manage if you do not have a ladder. Check with the person making your custom parts to see what he or she suggests.


5 December 2016

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My dad was a mechanic, but I never had any interest in cars when I was young. My dream was to become an accountant, and that is what I do for a living today. When I began my career, the stress of my job began to take a toll on me. One day, I visited my dad, and like usual, I talked to him while he was fixing up a car in our garage. He told me to switch places with him and began telling me what to do with them to help him repair the car. After just a half-hour or so, I felt more relaxed than I had in months. The rest is history, as they say, and I am now passionate about automobiles and auto repair. I also find blogging very relaxing, so I decided to combine my favorite hobbies and start an auto blog!