How a Mobile Mechanic Can Inspect Used Semi-Trailer Trucks

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Did you purchase a fleet of used semi-trailer trucks for your business? If you are ready to put the trucks on the road but want to make sure they are safe enough, you might want to get help from a mobile mechanic. Rather than taking each truck to a mechanic's shop, you can have someone visit your business establishment to inspect the vehicles. This article will cover a few of the services that a mobile mechanic can provide to make sure your semi-trailer trucks are ready to be driven by your employees.

1. Inspect the Radiator for Damage

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the radiator. You don't want to send your employees on the road if the trucks have damaged radiators. The reason the part must be in a good condition is that it plays a role in keeping the engine cool. If the engine begins to overheat, your employees can be in danger due to the possibility of a fire sparking up while they are driving. A mobile mechanic will basically make sure the radiators are not rusty and that coolant is able to smoothly flow out of the part.

2. Make Sure Fluid Levels Are Satisfactory

It is important for your semi-trailer trucks to have a sufficient amount of fluid to function properly. A service that a mobile mechanic can easily provide is checking the fluid levels. He or she will not only make sure there is enough water in your trucks, but the pump for the water will also be inspected in case a replacement is needed. The transmission fluid level will also be checked, as your drivers can end up having gear problems if the level is too low. The engine oil is the other important fluid that can be checked by a mobile mechanic.

3. Do a Computer-Diagnostics Test

If you really want to make sure the used trucks are in good shape, it is wise to hire a mobile mechanic to perform computer diagnostics. Basically, computer-diagnostic equipment can be attached to a link connector that is under the dashboard in your trucks. The equipment is used for gathering any error codes that are located in the powertrain module in the trucks. The error codes will tell the mechanic if you should make any major repairs before putting the trucks on the road. You can then fix the problems before they become worse.


5 December 2016

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