3 Tips To Help Improve Your Car's Performance With A DIY Transmission Overhaul

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When thinking about car maintenance and improvements, the first things that come to your mind are probably things like the oil and brakes. The transmission is also an important component of your car that needs care. Eventually, you may want to do a transmission overhaul to ensure your car is performing as it should. Here are some tips to do your own DIY transmission overhaul to ensure your car performs like new:

1. Parking Your Car and Removing the Fluids to Start the Project

You will want to have space in a garage or shop to begin with a transmission overhaul project. The transmission will need to be completely removed, which is sometimes referred to as dropping the transmission. Before taking the transmission out, remove all the fluids in your car. Start with the oil and coolant, and then, remove the transmission fluid. Once you have removed the fluids, you will be ready to drop the transmission and begin rebuilding it.

2. Dropping and Removing the Transmission to Begin the Rebuild Process

Dropping your transmission is the process of loosening all the bolts and taking it out of your car. Keep a clean oil pan to put all the bolts in, this makes it easier to find everything when you get ready to put the car back together. If this is a project that you are going to be working on over time, you may also want to cover any openings in the engine block with oiled rags. Using rags to cover sensitive parts will protect them from the elements and keep them oiled to preserve them.

3. Checking the Parts, Seals and Gaskets and Putting the Car Back Together

The main purpose of rebuilding a transmission is to repair worn parts, change the fluid and replace gaskets and seals. When the transmission is removed, clean all the areas with gaskets and seals. In addition, check gears and other parts for signs of wear. If anything needs to be replaced, you can usually find what you need to complete repairs from a used transmission parts service. Talk to the service about the type of transmission you have the specific parts that you need because transmission rebuilds can be delicate.

With all the right parts for your repairs, you can do your own transmission overhaul. Contact a used transmission parts service to get some of the replacement parts you need for your transmission overhaul project. 


1 December 2016

Why I Love Working on Cars

My dad was a mechanic, but I never had any interest in cars when I was young. My dream was to become an accountant, and that is what I do for a living today. When I began my career, the stress of my job began to take a toll on me. One day, I visited my dad, and like usual, I talked to him while he was fixing up a car in our garage. He told me to switch places with him and began telling me what to do with them to help him repair the car. After just a half-hour or so, I felt more relaxed than I had in months. The rest is history, as they say, and I am now passionate about automobiles and auto repair. I also find blogging very relaxing, so I decided to combine my favorite hobbies and start an auto blog!