3 Tips for Preparing Your Fifth Wheel Camper for the off Season

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Fifth wheels are incredibly popular campers as they provide more space and, therefore, much greater comfort than some other camper types. But with more space, you will likely have more stuff inside the camper that you will need to make sure you take care of when it's time to shut down the fifth wheel for the off season. Here are three tips that will help ensure that your fifth wheel is still in great condition when the next camping season arrives.

Remove All Bedding and Cushions

One of the benefits of owning a fifth wheel is that you likely have room to put a decent sized bed or maybe a nice sofa. Before you put the camper up for the off season, it's a good idea to actually remove these items and store them somewhere that is climate controlled and completely secure. You never know if insects or other critters might somehow make it inside your fifth wheel while it's parked somewhere for the off season. The last thing you want is these pests making nests inside your bedding all winter long.

Drain All Pipes and Remove All Liquids and Waste

Even if it doesn't normally get very cold in your neck of the woods, you should still completely drain all pipes and remove all waste material before putting your fifth wheel out of commission for the winter. If the mercury should plummet especially low, there's a chance you could end up getting a frozen or burst pipe that could do significant damage to the camper. 

Wash off All Dirt and Grime

You likely already do a good job of keeping your camper's exterior clean in between trips, but it's important to remember to give it one last bath before shutting it down for the winter. Sure, no one is actually going to see it while it's just sitting in your backyard or in an RV park, but any dirt or grime that you leave on the body over the winter will be much more difficult to remove in the spring. Leaving dirt on the camper's body could actually do permanent damage to the paint job as well.

If you enjoy camping, a fifth wheel trailer is a nice luxury to have. But if you want to make sure it stays in premium condition year after year, you'll want to make sure you prepare it for the off season the right way. Remove all bedding and cushions so that pests don't have a comfy spot to hibernate this winter, drain all pipes so you don't end up with a burst pipe, and don't forget to scrub off every last bit of dirt if you want your paint job to still shine when camping season returns. Ask a company like Brad's Trailer Supply for more tips.


1 December 2016

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