Four Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Damage To Your Transmission

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In addition to your engine, the transmission of your car is an important component that needs maintenance. If you want to get the most mileage out of your car, transmission care is important. Doing things like having the seals replaced and changing the fluid can help reduce problems and avoid repairs with your car. Here are some tips for maintenance that can help prevent transmission problems in your car:

1. Watch The Level Of Transmission Fluid Carefully

Watching the level of your transmission fluid is one of the most important things that you can do. This should be done with the car running in the park position. You want to make sure that the fluid is at the normal level, and be careful to never overfill the transmission fluid because this can blow the seals and cause other damage to your car.

2. Change The Transmission Fluid As With Other Maintenance

Just like the oil in your car, the transmission fluid will eventually become dirty due to the moving parts in the transmission. It does not need to be changed as much as oil, but it is a good idea to have the fluid changed every few oil changes to help reduce common wear and tear on your transmission. You can have this work done when you take your car in for a complete tuneup.

3. Have Your Transmission Serviced When Needed

Servicing your transmission is another part of regular maintenance that you will want to do. This can consist of changing the fluid and doing other maintenance tasks. The technician may also do things like change gaskets and seals to ensure that your transmission does not lose fluid. There may be some things that need to be fixed, such as a seal or gasket that is worn and causing your transmission to lose fluid.

4. Address Problems That Need To Be Repaired As Soon As You Notice Them

There are also problems that you may need to deal with when you notice them. This can include things like the transmission fluid becoming low quickly. This is usually related to seals or gaskets leaking, which replacing them may solve the problem. If you have trouble when changing gears or the performance of the transmission, this can be a sign of other problems that you will want to have inspected.

These are some tips that can help prevent damage to the transmission in your car. If you need to have maintenance or repairs done, contact an auto repair shop to get the help you need with your transmission maintenance.


3 December 2015

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My dad was a mechanic, but I never had any interest in cars when I was young. My dream was to become an accountant, and that is what I do for a living today. When I began my career, the stress of my job began to take a toll on me. One day, I visited my dad, and like usual, I talked to him while he was fixing up a car in our garage. He told me to switch places with him and began telling me what to do with them to help him repair the car. After just a half-hour or so, I felt more relaxed than I had in months. The rest is history, as they say, and I am now passionate about automobiles and auto repair. I also find blogging very relaxing, so I decided to combine my favorite hobbies and start an auto blog!