3 Reasons To Replace Your Rotors When You Replace Your Brakes

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If your brakes are squeaking and at the end of their lives, it is time to replace them. When you go in to replace your brakes, your mechanic is most likely going to ask you if you want to replace the rotors as well. Here are the top three reasons why it is a good idea to replace your rotors at the same time you replace your brake pads.

#1 You'll Feel It When You Drive If Your Rotors Are Not Smooth

Generally, when your brakes are replaced, even if you do not replace their rotors, some work is done to them. Your rotors are generally taken off your vehicle and resurfaced. A machine makes one or two passes at your rotors, and essentially sands them down.

Rotors are resurfaced to ensure that they are smooth. With new brakes installed on your vehicle, if your rotors are not smooth, you'll notice it when you drive. When you try to slow down at high speeds, it will feel like your vehicle is shaking if your rotors are uneven or warped, especially with new brakes. Depending on how warped and uneven your rotors are, you may even feel your vehicle shake when you stop at lower speeds too.

In order to avoid that shaking feeling when you brake, many mechanics suggest that you just replace your rotors at the same times as your brakes. That way, you'll be ensured a smooth ride every time you need to slow down.

#2 The Quality Is Not Always Up To Par

Not all rotors are created equally. Some rotors may last significantly longer than others. Sometimes, rotors warp under excessive heat. Other times, rotors simply undergo a lot of wear and tear based on how you drive.

Since not all rotors are created equally, your mechanic may suggest changing out the rotors as well as the brake pads. Your mechanic makes this suggestion to ensure your new brakes work properly when they are installed, without any issues.

#3 It's Affordable To Replace Your Rotors

Finally, it's extremely affordable to replace your rotors. In most cases, it costs less to purchase replacement rotors than it does to have your old rotors refinished and installed back on your vehicle.

Due to the low cost of replacing your rotors, and the potential savings it offers, is yet another reason your mechanic may suggest you replace your rotors and brake pads at the same time.

The best way to ensure a smooth stop when you replace your brake pads is by replacing your rotors at the same time. It will not cost you much more than it does to resurface your rotors, and is an easy way to make sure your new brakes wear in at the same rate as your new rotors. To find out more, contact a business like Tate's Automotive.


30 April 2015

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